Application For Copernicus Masters Competition Now Open, Win Seed Funding And Other Prizes

Join the Copernicus Masters Competition for EO Solutions

With challenges focusing on contemporary issues in different fields related to Earth Observation, Copernicus Masters International Competition is now open for submission. The Copernicus Masters is designed to support the development of Copernicus-related entrepreneurship by eliciting and rewarding projects and business ideas that make use of Earth observation data primarily generated under the Copernicus programme. The Copernicus Masters 2020 is calling for proposals between 1 April and 30 June 2020 in different categories (“the Challenges”) and (“the Prizes”).

Copernicus Masters is an International Competition that offers participant opportunities to innovate, devise and develop trendsetting technologies, business models and solutions by incorporating Earth Observation data to address societal challenges. 

The annual competition serves as a platform for initiators to present their project to the international community, network with stakeholders in the field of Earth Observation and exchange ideas. It offers participants the unique opportunity to revolutionise sectors such as agriculture, digital transport, energy, and health through the creation of Earth Observation applications and solutions tailored to their specific needs. The competition also recognises the most outstanding of these solutions through its prize awards.

The 2020 Copernicus Masters competition presents yet another chance for budding innovators to tackle global issues by developing value-added downstream services and products to address challenges and stimulate economic growth, with chances to win prizes worth about 450, 000 Euros, and additional incentives, including business support and incubation, coaching, access to testing facilities, technical support, prototype development, publicity, marketing support and access to public funding and to experts.

With over 3300 participants from over 50 countries, 200 experts with more than 1,300 ideas, Copernicus Masters was launched in 2011 by AZO on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of its mandate to foster the User Uptake of Copernicus services,  supported by international partners such as Airbus, Astrosat, Planet, etc.

The expert teams of each Challenge and Prize will select, at their discretion, their own winning idea. In addition, one overall winner of the competition 2020 will be selected by an international experts team amongst all Challenge and Prize winners, under the supervision of a legal counsel. The Organiser and the Partners shall assume no liability whatsoever for the outcome of the selection process. This outstanding entrant will be awarded a cash prize to the value of EUR 10,000. The awards ceremony for the Overall Winner 2020, the Copernicus Prize winners, and the Copernicus Masters challenge winners will take place in late 2020 (exact date and place TBD).

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