ANGOSAT-2 is Providing Services Across Seven Provinces in Angola

Source: GGPEN

According to the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN), hospitals, administrations, schools and universities in areas like Uíge, Cuando Cubango, Huíla, Luanda, Cabinda, Moxico and Lunda Sul now have access to free internet connectivity and tools needed for socio-economic growth, via the Angosat-2.

These developments are per the objectives of the National Space Strategy dedicated to bridging digital gaps and exclusion in the country, especially for remote and underserved communities. In addition, fields such as the health sector can begin offering telemedicine services in regions battling a shortage of primary and specialist doctors.

Furthermore, in Moxico province, municipal administration, the employees, and the students of Instituto Técnico Agrário do Luau, an educational institution built under the Public Investment Programme (PIP), are currently utilising internet connectivity services to access online content vital to their academic and personal development. 

While the commercial part of the ANGOSAT-2 is experiencing a lot of national and international commendation, the social aspect of the project aims to advance to institutions located in seven provinces of the country. The objective is to ensure that institutions nationwide can use ANGOSAT-2’s commercial and social communication services for accelerated growth, improved services and innovative contributions.

Angosat-2 satellite services will cover the entire African continent and a significant part of Southern Europe in C Band. The satellite will also provide almost complete coverage of southern Africa in Ku Band. In addition, the satellite will provide Angola with the means to minimise the digital divide, allowing equal access to all Angolans to the benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


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