Angola To Lead SADC Satellite Sharing System

SADC Satellite Sharing Workshop
Photo credit: GGPEN

Representatives of some member states of Southern Africa Development Community(SADC) have successfully concluded the training workshop on satellite applications of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and structure for sharing the system SADC satellite held in Luanda, Angola.

Scheduled from 13th to 17th, the workshop trained specialists from member states on tools for sharing the technological system and how to preserve these tools.

Organised by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (MTTI), the event provided participants with a unique opportunity for interactions. They were also welcomed by the vice president of the SADC secretariat, Martins Langa, to take a tour of the Funda Satellite Control and Mission Center.

At the end of the workshop, the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, José Carvalho da Rocha, reiterated that the objective of the sector continues to be the provision of services to all citizens with quality telecommunication, and at affordable prices.

The minister pointed out that the region’s greatest challenge is the construction of infrastructures such as fibre optic networks and satellites.

“Taking into account its complexity, the volume of investments and human resources, the region needs to find solutions that will suit all of us”, he said.

For the Minister, the solution is to share satellites to find local solutions for the different countries in the region.

Angola is now, as a result of the Luanda meeting, assuming two leadership positions. First, in the field of regulation, she will represent SADC in the ITU for issues related to satellites and frequencies,  and secondly, lead the committee of experts on the sharing of SADC satellite system infrastructure.


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