Angola Space Program Management Office is using comic books to educate students about space

In order to spread among children and adolescents interest in space education, technicians from the Angola National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN) are visiting schools for space education and outreach. They have been to a couple of schools in Rangel, during the visit, the students received copies of Comics “The Small and Satellites” – a text combination and image that allows children and adults to know the Angosat Project, thus contributing to the development of science and space technology.

“Space is the dream of many and the reality of the few. For a complete immersion in the wonderful world of satellites, planetary rockets and celestial other bodies, nothing better than to take advantage of the tools That GGPEN has prepared for the little ones and great ones in space education “, suggest the GGPEN technicians.

The 1st Edition of the “Small and Satellites” theme has the theme “Elements of the Mission”, as it Illustrates the entire process of designing and building a space mission and the integration of the telecommunication services which we can enjoy in our day-to-day life.

The 2nd Edition of Comics has the theme “Satellites with cans”, because it illustrates the universe of Small Satellites, giving a certain approach to CanSats and CubSats. Helps the reader to understand the various categories and utilities of large satellites, medium and small businesses and, above all, pass the message of democratization and inclusion in the world of Space Science and Technology, as it demonstrates how schools and universities they can build, launch and carry out what are the satellites themselves, provided with help and supervision.

With the presentation of the Comic, apart from disseminating interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the students also had the opportunity to meet the Angosat Project technicians.

To schedule a visit from GGPEN technicians at your school, please contact our educators and collaborators by telephone numbers 927 150 489 and 946 113 471 or by e-mail ge***@gg***.ao.


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