Angola Signs Telecommunications Partnership With Russia

Angola and Russia have strengthened their partnership in the Telecommunications sector and Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) sector. The agreement to increase bilateral cooperation between both countries in the field of telecommunications was signed yesterday in Sochi, during the Russia-Africa economic forum.

The agreement was signed between the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, represented by the minister, Konstantin Noskov, and the Angolan Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, represented by its minister, José Carvalho da Rocha.

The agreement will be completed in Luanda in the coming months between the two ministers when the Russian minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media visits the Angolan capital.

The Russia-African Economic Forum, which is the first economic hosted by Russia in relations to economic exchange between the federation and Africa. Holding in Sochi FROM 23-24 October

The Forum is an important and much-anticipated milestone in laying foundations for the promotion and enhancement of trade and economic relations among the economies across the African continent and enabling the diversification and deepening of economic collaboration between Russia and Africa.

The event is attended by African Heads of State and government officials, leaders of Russian, Eurasian, and international business communities, as well as representatives of governments and economic integration organisations from Africa.

Amongst the aspects provided for in the agreement were the implementation and use of public management automation technologies (electronic governance), development of communications and information technologies, support for cooperation in the sector, investment, innovations joint, scientific research, development of security systems in networks and information technologies systems, as well as the training of tables in the field of communications and information technologies.