Angola and Portugal Sign Agreement to Foster Space Sector Cooperation

Source: GGPEN

In a momentous occasion attended by Angolan President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço and Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, Angola and Portugal signed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This MoU sets the stage for fostering the development and expansion of the space sectors in both countries. During the event, Ricardo Conde, the President of the Portugal Space Agency and the DG of the Angolan National Space Programme Management Office (GGPEN), signed the agreement.

                                                                    Source: GGPEN

The event symbolises the commitment of Angola and Portugal to strengthen cooperation between the Portuguese Space Agency and Angola’s Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies, and Social Communication (MINTTICS) and GGPEN. 

As outlined in the MoU, the primary focus of this cooperation will be the development of space applications, facilitating the exchange of information, providing training opportunities, and promoting overall space cooperation. In addition, the collaboration aims to leverage the strengths and resources of both countries to advance their respective space sectors and foster mutual growth.

                                                                      Source: GGPEN

Furthermore, this cooperation fosters the space sector’s development within the Community of Countries and Portuguese Official Language (CPLP). Angola’s National Space Strategy 2016-2025 has provided the foundation for cooperation between Angola and Portugal in space. Specifically, Strategic Axis 5, “Organisation and Cooperation,” outlines Action Line 5.1.1, which involves surveying entities with expertise in the space sector or related fields and those utilising space data, products, and services. The expected outcome of this action line is to enhance Angola’s international standing through collaboration with specialised agencies and entities.

Both countries have engaged in several interactions, working together on space-related matters. These interactions have laid the groundwork for further collaboration between them.


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