Algerian Space Agency Scientific & Technical Day

The Center for Space Technology (CTS / ASAL) is organizing on Monday 17 December 2018 in Arzew, a scientific and technical day on the use of space techniques, including precise satellite positioning techniques (GNSS) and radar interferometry, for highlighting movement related to crustal movements.

The event would be attended by Professor Mustapha MEGHRAOUI (Institute of Physics of the Globe of Strasbourg – IPGS France); various national institutions concerned by the theme (Sonatrach, National Agency of Dams & Transfers, Public Works Department of Oran) would also be present to present their experiences in the field.

Researchers and the scientific community is also invited to participate in this day by presenting the work related to the use of the space tool. On this occasion will be presented the work carried out by the various ASAL structures, particularly the CTS, for the benefit of the national user sector in relation to the precise monitoring networks, seismic and industrial risk management, etc.

  • Seismic risk:
    • Evaluation of crustal movements under the effect of plate tectonics,
    • Identification and monitoring of seismic faults,
    • Detection of various ground movements (subsidence, landslides, …).
    • Ionospheric seismology.
  • Industrial risk:
    • Auscultation of engineering structures, including dams, bridges, oil tanks, LNG storage bins, etc.,
    • Surveillance networks, … etc.

On the sidelines of this day, Mr. Zuheir ALTAMIMI ( Director of Research at the National Geographical Institute – IGN France and Vice President of the International Association of Geodesy – IAG ), will lead a series of conferences on the establishment of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF).


Displacements of the GNSS network of the city of Oran

Auscultation of Sonatrach LNG storage tank

Given the limited number of places, people wishing to participate in this scientific and technical day are required to complete the attached entry form and send it by email ( ) by Sunday December 2, 2018 . The scientific committee of this day will individually inform, after evaluation, the applicants by email before December 5, 2018.

This scientific and technical day is under the patronage of Mr. Azzedine OUSSEDIK , Director General of the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL), and supported by the following committees:

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