Al Magharibia: Suspension By Eutelsat Politically Motivated

Al Magharibia Tv alleged its suspension by Eutelsat was politically motivated.

Al Magharibia (AMG), a London-based free-to-air broadcast television channel, has alleged that its suspension by French satellite operator, Eutelsat, was politically motivated by the Algerian regime.

A statement released by its management said the channel received no notice before its suspension. It alleged that the action was as a result of its pro-democracy stance, and the complaint against it by the Algerian regime for broadcasting without authorisation and accreditation. The channel stated that it has no correspondents or offices in Algeria and depends on live broadcasts by demonstrators during protests.

According to, a reliable source said that top Algerian authorities had tried to dissuade the channel from following and publishing videos of demonstrations against the Algerian regime, in the context of a media crackdown among the national media.

Attempts to reach Eutelsat on the allegation has been unsuccessful as the satellite operator has refused to comment on the matter. However, a source at the French prime minister’s office confirmed to the Algiers Herald that the Algerian regime has been pressuring Emmanuel Macron to intervene.

Furthermore, Jil Jadid Party Chairman, Soufiane Djilal, made a Facebook post on Monday, condemning the act by Eutelsat after an interaction with the channel’s officials. According to him, “the explanations and the official documents undoubtedly demonstrate that an intervention by the Algerian power with Eutelsat, an EU organisation, is at the origin of its ban”.

“AMG has been committed to political change in Algeria, its doors have been generously open to not only opposition parties and personalities, but also members of the regime when they dared to intervene. Whether we agree or disagree with the editorial line of this TV channel, its prohibition is part of the denial of freedom of expression. Jil Jadid condemns this act and hopes that justice will reinstate AMG as soon as possible in all its legal rights,” he stressed.

The television channel, co-founded by a successful Algerian businessman and some Arab intellectuals,  has in recent times shown its unbashful support for pro-democracy protests in Algeria by airing weekly demonstrations and pro-democracy broadcasts, actions which have endeared it to demonstrators.



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