AGENIUM Space Signs Partnership to Supply AI Solutions to Simera Sense 

Source: BBC News

In a press release by Simera Sense, AGENIUM Space signed a long-term partnership to supply AI solutions to SIMERA Sense. The collaboration includes a technological partnership to design an image processing ground segment pipeline with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions customised to Simera Sense’s xScape product line to enable end-to-end products. In addition, from June 2024, the partners will offer the image processing pipeline to all the SIMERA Sense camera users.

DSNU & PRNU correction for push-broom sensor HyperScape50 (left: raw image, right: corrected image). Location: Gulf of Aqaba, Camera: HyperScape50,Satellite image courtesy: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) cubesat, © KAUST 2023. (Recognition to Matthew McCabe)

This marks the initial step in collaboratively constructing intelligent cameras equipped with onboard AI capabilities in the near future. These cameras will allow for integrating new AI applications even after spacecraft deployment, enhancing operational flexibility. Moreover, they will empower satellite operators to transition from simply capturing and selling Earth Observation (EO) images to offering intelligence-gathering services directly from space. 

Cloud segmentation in image from SIMERA Sense MonoScape100. (Source: © AGENIUM Space). Location: Tuangku island, Camera: MonoScape100, Satellite: Loft Orbital YAM-3.

The jointly developed ground segment will facilitate the development of such services in space, aiding satellite operators in capitalising on the transition to image-to-service offerings. AGENIUM Space has already trained deep neural networks (DNNs) to optimise image quality and detect objects to achieve this objective. For  Image  Quality, AGENIUM  Space has developed innovative AI algorithms that allow the estimation of calibration values for Dark Signal Non-Uniformity (DSNU) and Pixel Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU) coefficients directly from routine images. 

Furthermore, unlike the traditional approach, AGENIUM’s Image Quality Software does not require acquiring any images from Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites (PICS) or pre-flight on-ground sensor calibration. AGENIUM Space has developed DNNs for object detection in cloud, forest, ship, and plane detection. These DNNs are fully customised for the different optical payloads and target application specifics.

SIMERA Sense’s vision to offer effortless earth observation solutions to its customers, from payload to quality image products to spatial insights, is well aligned with the AI technology offered by AGENIUM Space. SIMERA Sense, aware of the challenges of New Space, demonstrates through this partnership its determination to climb the ladder towards EO 2.0 solutions, bringing AI applications into its product equation. 

Cloud segmentation in image from SIMERA Sense MonoScape100. (Source: © AGENIUM Space)Location: Tuangku island, Camera: MonoScape100, Satellite: Loft Orbital YAM-3.

According to Johan Du Toit, Chief Executive Officer of SIMERA Sense, ”At Simera Sense, our optical systems alone can not deliver advanced and smart earth observa4on solutions, and novel processing solutions are crucial to extracting cost-effective value for our customers. This partnership will immediately merge existing know-how and products to create something  unique  for  our  customers, ultimately driving our  vision  to  be  the  enablers  of effortless earth observation.”

“This agreement demonstrates the complementarity of our solutions, offering a game changer to the EO market. I am very proud that AGENIUM Space, thanks to the expertise of its team, has been selected by SIMERA Sense for this long-term partnership.” commented Christine Fernandez-Martin, the Managing Director of AGENIUM  Space.

For more information, contact co***********@ag*****.com">Christine Fernandez Martin


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