AfriCultuReS Schedules User Workshops Across Eight African Countries Between September And October

Group Discussion during AfriCultuReS Meeting

Enhancing Food Security in African AgriCultural Systems with the support of Remote Sensing (AfriCultuReS) is a European H2020 project with a budget of about 8.5 million Euros (€8,531,533), which was started on November 1, 2017, with an estimated duration of 48 months, involving 8 African and 9 European partner organisations.

The aim of the project is to develop a Decision Support System based on satellite earth observation data to support improved decision-making in the field of food security in Africa, This will also include services such as crop and livestock information products, land and water monitoring, and early warning of pest outbreaks or extreme weather events.

What are the objectives of the workshops?

Co-Design: AfriCultuReS aims to follow an iterative co-design process to ensure that the products and services created are relevant and useful in a wide diversity of African agricultural systems, and to a wide diversity of stakeholders. The workshops are an opportunity for users to see the up-to-date-progress of the AfriCultuReS projects, and to participate in the design process by providing feedback on early-stage AfriCultuReS’s products.

Capacity Development: The AfriCultuReS consortium is committed to building capacity in partner African countries, and to develop and apply new agricultural applications based on satellite earth observation. The organisation stated the aim  for this round of workshops, which is to “identify priority capacity development needs, and also the capacity development strategies which local stakeholders believe will be most effective in each of the 8 African countries’ contexts”.

Workshop Schedule
User workshops will be held in 8 African countries in September and October 2019 (fuller details such as venue and agenda will be provided closer to the date of the relevant workshop):
• Pretoria, South Africa (Tuesday 17th September)
• Maputo, Mozambique (Thursday 19th September)
• Kigali, Rwanda (Friday 27th September)
• Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Monday 30th September)
• Nairobi, Kenya (Thursday 3rd October)
• Accra, Ghana (Wednesday 9th October)
• Niamey, Niger (Monday 28th October)
• Tunis, Tunisia (Wednesday 30th October)

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