African Science Stars Launches its Fifth Magazine Issue

In a press release by the African Astronomical Society (AfAS), the African Science Stars (ASSAP) has officially launched its fifth magazine issue. The recently released issue of the African Science Stars magazine, which focuses on Astro-tourism, delves into various areas of interest. These include discussions on stargazing destinations, the impact of light pollution, a summary of the 3rd annual Astronomical Society Conference held earlier this year, and much more.

In his foreword speech, Alemiye Mamo Yacob, Director of East Africa Regional Office of Astronomy  for Development (EA-ROAD), noted that “Africa offers unique and stunning landscapes that provide a perfect backdrop for stargazing, and it has a rich cultural heritage that offers a unique blend of traditional and modern experiences.”

Call for Feature for the Next Edition

The African Science Stars offers interested individuals the opportunity to submit their astronomy or space science-related news for the next edition of the African Science Stars magazine in**@sc**********.za">here.

To access the African Science Stars’ fifth magazine issue, click here.


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