ActInSpace Challenge begins across Africa

ActInSpace® is an international innovation contest inspiring young women and men worldwide to meet challenges based on space technologies, data, patents and infrastructures to launch start-ups into all areas of our daily lives. Designed for students but open to everyone, the objective is to foster entrepreneurship, encourage start-up creation and promote the use of space technologies and space acquired data to change citizen’s lives, to boost employment and to protect our planet.

20% of the countries hosting ActInSpace event across the world is in Africa which includes Senegal, Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, Cameroon and Tunisia

The 2018 ActInSpace challenge has been categorized into three:

  1. #Every Day Life Business: Get your business off the ground thanks to space technologies
  2. #Space4.0: Become a NewSpace player and improve the space sector thanks to ‘earth technologies’
  3. #Humanitarian: Find a way to put the Space Sector at the service of humanitarian causes

In Cameroon, 2018 will be the first edition of ActInSpace organized by Eureka Geo, a training institute specializing in the geomatics professions, with the sponsorship of the National Advanced School of Engineering. In Morocco, it is being held in Université Internationale de Rabat (UIR) while the Gabon Space Agency is in hosting the event in Gabon.

In Nigeria, the event is ongoing at Univelcity, Montgomery Rd at Yaba; the Silicon Valley of Africa organized by Space Apps Nigeria while the African University of Excellence (Excellence Universitaire Africaine, EUA) is hosting it in Senegal in partnership with the Office of Study on Earth Sciences & Environment (Bureau d’Etudes en Sciences de la Terre & Environnement, BEST).

In South Africa, ActInSpace is holding at both Pretoria and Cape Town while the Digital Research Center of Sfax, Technopark of Sfax is hosting the event in Tunisia.

ActInSpace® is a unique opportunity for participants worldwide to work on creating business prospectives for the challenges by the use of patents, technologies and satellite data made available by CNES, ESA, Airbus and all our partners to create start-ups. The challenges are based on high-level technologies, which nevertheless are easy to re-use because they have been selected due to their potential for commercial applications. The winners of the ActInSpace contest will be awarded with amazing prizes, with the grand prize being a Zero-G Airbus A310 parabolic flight. However, the most important is not just to win, but to reach solutions ready to launch start-up companies, thanks to experts supporting all participants and teams round-the-clock during the ActInSpace contest.


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