AASO is developing Africa through aeronautics and space sciences

AASO team and delegates of foreign partners in Paris
AASO team and delegates of foreign partners in Paris. Source AASO Linkedin Feed

Africa is a rich continent struggling to revitalize its development overall economy and its social, technological or environmental development policies. The African Aeronautics and Space Organization is one of the organizations in Africa that seeks to contribute to the optimization of aeronautical and space resources for the sustainable development of the continent.

The African Aeronautics & Space Organization (AASO) is an independent and agile organization, firmly anchored on the 21st century, whose ambition is to facilitate the implementation of concrete actions for the sustainable development of the African continent.

“Africa is still a continent where everything is still possible!” These were the words of Sekou Ouedraogo, the president of AASO. AASO aims to support aeronautical and space sciences development in Africa, as well as promote and implement collaborations into development projects related to aeronautical and space sciences because local skills and those of the African diaspora will be needed and used to harness aeronautical and space resources in Africa.

The President, Sekou Ouedraogo also went further to say that the young African generations have a role to play in building a better world. A better world through the following steps:

  • The promotion and improvement of “intra-African” training exchanges.
  • The promotion of science and industry.
  • The support of education systems in order to promote engineers and technical staff education. Also, propose to African decision-makers the use of aeronautics and space sciences for the welfare of populations.
  • Finally, implement partnership projects in aeronautical or space sciences, thanks to local expertise and those of the African diaspora, in favour of Africa.

Specific Benefits of AASO

  • Development of aeronautical and space sciences.
  • Coordination of humanitarian actions.
  • Raising awareness among younger generations.
  • Promotion of partnership development projects.

AASO Projects

Since 2013, the University Space Center of the University of Montpellier (CSU) , a European reference center aiming at developing and gathering resources and skills in engineering, production, operation, testing and applications of nanosatellites, is developing, with the support from the Van Allen Foundation, the ROBUSTA-3A nano satellite project dedicated to medium-speed data transfer in areas without GSM coverage. The main mission of ROBUSTA-3A is to collect meteorological data in the Mediterranean Sea for transfer to Météo France as soon as possible.

In partnership with the CSU Montpellier, the AASO is planning the establishment of reception/broadcast terminals that will allow students from an institution located in Burkina Faso, Lintiba (in Yatenga province ) to communicate via the satellite with students located in the Gard region and to prepare the training of operators in Burkina Faso.

With the participation of the association TEELGO, which works for children in difficulty in Burkina Faso, exchanges between schools will consist of twinning to ensure a real relationship.

“Africa’s development must be sustainable in order to preserve us all” President Sekou Ouedraogo.

Earlier this year, AASO organized a symposium on Aeronautics and Space Applications for Health in Africa in Paris, France that brought together stakeholder from the African Space Industry. The symposium which held at the CNES (National Center for Space Studies) in Paris on January 30, 2019 had senior representatives of the African Union Commission, Locate iT ( Kenya), Nigerian Satellite Communications (NIGCOMSAT) and AASO.

The purpose of this conference was achieved as many speakers were able to present examples of projects, technologies and applications on the African continent in the service of health.

For more information about AASO, click here.

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