AAC Space Africa Wins its First Satellite Order

In a press release by AAC Clyde Space, its subsidiary, AAC Space Africa, announced winning its first satellite order to assemble, integrate, and test two satellites. The order, valued at approximately USD 213,078 (ZAR 4.1 million), is slated for delivery by June 2024.

“We are delighted that AAC Space Africa has received its first satellite order, a critical milestone in the growth of our company in Africa.  We look forward to seeing these satellites in space delivering their mission,” says AAC Clyde Space Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Luis Gomes.

In 2021, AAC Clyde Space announced that it had inaugurated AAC Space Africa to capitalise on the rapidly growing market for satellites and space services in Africa. AAC Space Africa will design, build, and deliver space missions to the continent from its Cape Town base in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. The new subsidiary is the group’s centre of competence for advanced radio communication, becoming the worldwide supplier of advanced radio systems for AAC’s space missions.

Furthermore, through AAC Space Africa, AAC Clyde Space was selected to deliver a ground station with an approximate value of USD 344,743 to a client in Africa. The ground station would support several frequency bands up to S-band and in the amateur VHF band and receive instructions from operators from the control room, remotely or in an automated mode.


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