Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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Students from Soneike High School in South Africa with the XinaBox xChips

XinaBox, Quest for Space To Send Experiments To The International Space Station

Cape Town-based Xinabox R&D, a developer of modular electronics and IoT kits for rapid prototyping and STEM education, is partnering with U.S-based Quest for...

NewSpace Systems Meets Product Supply Target For OneWeb

Following on from their success in 2018, NewSpace Systems has had several more of its products utilized on high profile missions such as the first...
Space in Africa Business web baneer New 1

Overview of Revenue and Market Segments In The African NewSpace Industry

About 94 per cent of NewSpace companies in Africa are generating revenue according to the recently-released NewSpace Africa Industry Report which studied 34 "African-grown"...
XinaBox BBC Micro:bit kit

XinaBox Revolutionizes BBC Micro:bit Functionality For STEM Learners and IoT Tinkerers

XinaBox, producer of an innovative educational technology ecosystem, today launched revolutionary functionality for the BBC micro:bit, bringing easy IoT and SD card-based data logging...

Directory of all space-related institutions in Africa

We are glad to announce the launch of a comprehensive visual directory of all space institutions and industry actors in the African space sector....

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