5G Africa Forum To Discuss Next Digital Revolution in Africa, Register To Attend

This press release is provided by MJDVent International.

5G Africa Forum

In the world we live today, mobile communication is a cardinal tool of economic development, growth and integration, and the mobile industry is an enabler of productivity across economies and societies.

The mobile industry is not only a significant contributor to the economic activities of Africa but also towards the growth of other sectors of the economy on the continent.

Hence why MJDVent International is organising the 5G Africa Forum on the 15th – 16th April 2020, at the Protea Hotel Parktonian All-Suite, Johannesburg, South Africa.

5G provides a valuable opportunity to meet and interact with the 5G drivers in terms of the wireless industry, players, researchers and stakeholders, bringing together some of the leaders in the industry who have been involved in development and commercialization of 5G across the globe.

With the wireless industry on the verge of the commercial launch of 5G, these leaders will share their experience of what it takes to commercialize 5G and offer insights into the promise of 5G.

5G African Forum will look at the progress made to date and the challenges ahead for policy-makers and stakeholders. Key areas include connectivity, future deployment and business model impact.

The forum will look at what a 5G world might look like and where Africa sits at a global level as it seeks to deliver on making 5G a reality by 2020. This forum will offer the ideal space for networking with industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, and practitioners operating in the industries and making the most of banking technologies.

Join leading experts and industry actors on a holistic and hands-on conference delivery and hear from the best on all practical aspects that you need to know about 5G innovation and it will transform the various industries across Africa.

The platform offers a unique and timely opportunity for participants to discuss and find solutions that fit their customer experience and delivery of goals and responsibilities.
It is also an all-in-one place event for those, who want to learn about global trends, upcoming 5G and broadband wireless issues and challenges that can be made into opportunities.

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