2nd China-South Africa Workshop on the Big Data Challenge in Astronomy

The first image of a black hole.

The 2nd China-South Africa Workshop on the Big Data Challenge in Astronomy will be held between 16-22, June 2019 in Shanghai, China, hosted by National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SHAO). On behalf of Organizing Committee, we warmly welcome friends and colleagues from South Africa and China to attend the workshop.

This is the second workshop between China and South Africa on “the Big Data Challenge in Astronomy” under the scheme of Chinese-South African collaborations in Astronomy. The workshop aims at extend the collaboration and discussion between China and South Africa on big data challenges in terms of SKA and other astronomical surveys in the big data era, technologies and methods such as virtual observatory and Astroinformatics, and Astronomy for society development. Key themes for the workshop are: Big Data Challenge in Astronomy, Virtual Observatory, Education and Development.

On June 17- 19, there will be workshop sessions on the Big Data Challenge in Astronomy, Virtual Observatory and Education and Development.  On June 20 – 22,there will be a forum and activities for collaboration between China and South Africa on Astronomy for society development. During the workshop,there will be further discussion on collaboration between China and South African in Astronomy.

There is funding through a South African NRF Bilateral workshop program to fund up to five South African researchers to attend the workshop.  If you are interested to take advantage of this support to attend please contact Russ Taylor (russ@idia.ac.za) before 22 April, so arrangements can be made for invitation letters.

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