1st IAA African Symposium On Small Satellite To Hold In Stellenbosch

SANSA Experiments Capacity Of Satellites To Be Weightless On Earth
Photo Credit: SANSA

For the first time, the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) symposium on small satellites will hold in Africa, precisely Stellenbosch, South Africa from 11-14 May, 2020.

Focusing on current industry trends and innovation, delegates look forward to a three-day programme which will also include poster sessions, daily thought-provoking panel sessions, a student mission competition; an exhibition, a facility tour, and social networking opportunities, which will be an immersive cultural experience.

South Africa is home to a variety of institutions and industry partners who play a significant role in the scientific study, exploration and utilisation of space and have broad competencies in satellite applications, satellite engineering and space science, and all their supporting technologies.

In 1999, the 64kg South Africa’s first satellite, Sunsat-1, was launched and built by staff and students at the University of Stellenbosch and operated successfully for two years. Now, 20 years later, Stellenbosch and the surrounding area has become a space hub for both local industry and academia and will be the venue for the first IAA Symposium on Small Satellites in Africa. 

Established on August 16, 1960, in Stockholm, Sweden, the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) is a non- governmental organisation of experts committed to expanding the frontiers of space. The organisation promotes the development of astronautics for peaceful purposes, recognise individuals who have distinguished themselves in a related branch of science or technology, and provide a programme through which members may contribute to international endeavours for the advancement of aerospace science.

Important Key dates 

  • Abstract Submission Closes: 31st January 2020
  • Notification to Authors: 17th March 2020
  • Student Mission Competition Entries Open: 31st November 2019
  • Student Mission Competition Finalists Announcement: 17th March 2020

Broad Thematic Themes of the sessions 

  • Innovative Small Satellite Missions and Technology [Programs, Missions, Payloads].
  • Machine Learning, AI, Additive Manufacturing and other Novel Tools and Techniques Revolutionising the Space Industry.
  • Satellite Development in an Era of Constellations.
  • Access to Space.
  • Lessons Learnt: Tools and Approaches to Increase the Probability of Mission Success.
  • Human and Environmental Security [Remote sensing technologies and supporting technologies]
  • Small Satellite Projects for STEM Education and Human Capacity-Building with a focus on Africa.
  • Technology Partnerships and Opportunities for International Collaboration.
  • Space Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Regulatory and Legal Issues with a focus on the Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities.

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